Midland, MI – Musicians, athletes and parents in the Midland community received good news Monday evening as the Midland Public School Board of Education approved the purchase and installation of a multi-purpose turf field at H. H. Dow High School.  Superintendent Mike Sharrow and School Board leaders signed off on a $1.1 million project which will commence this summer. Funding for the purchase and installation of the turf field has been secured with private funding from many individuals throughout Midland and several local community foundations. No school funds will be used to purchase and install the turf field.

As Superintendent Sharrow stated, “the turf field at Dow High is a sound investment in our town’s future.  Dow High is 50 years old.  Musicians in the Dow High Band and athletes in girls and boys sports will soon sharpen their skills on the turf and no longer practice or play in the mud.”

Scott MacFarland school board member commented, “The new field will help alleviate the congestion at Midland Community Stadium and will provide a quality practice facility for band members, athletics across our school system and community.”

A volunteer organization called Turf Team has been formed to launch a public fundraising campaign to raise additional funds to construct bathrooms for parents and students; lighting; and other services at the multi-purpose turf field. Turf Team is comprised of parents, alumni, youth organizations, students, booster clubs, coaches, educators, business leaders and community advocates committed to the growth of academics, arts and athletics in the Midland community.

Turf Team volunteer Lee Weick stated, “we want to thank Mike Sharrow and MPS Board and their and support.”

Lee also stated, “we greatly appreciate the leadership of the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation and the Herbert H.& Grace A. Dow Foundation for their generosity and encouragement for installing the turf field.  We consider this a wonderful 50-year birthday present for Dow Chargers everywhere!”

“The committee has been working for almost two years to raise the necessary funds to build a turf field at Dow High.  We are very grateful for the community wide support for a turf field. And we are even more excited to kick off our public fundraising campaign.  We will be calling on all Dow High Alumni and community supporters to help see this project to completion.” Said Kurt Ieuter, Turf Team Volunteer and Dow High Alumni.

How to Donate

To donate, please click the “Give Now” button, you will be directed to the Sports Improvement Facility Fund For You at the Midland Area Community Foundation. All funds will go to Dow Chargers Turf Team and will be recognized.

Tier One donations will receive recognition on the commemorative bell. Tier Two donations will be contacted for additional recognition options. Special Recognition: